To make a different recipe I visited all the new 2013 recipes websites. I even cooked the recipes that I don't know about. I not even hard about it. I went to many of my relative’s house who I think cook the nice recipes. A lot of people helped me to do this.

I had to change my recipe three or four time. The recipe I am making it now it’s final. I had to change the three recipes because they didn't work for the presentation. Because I had nothing much to say about those recipes. I still don’t have much to talk but I will try to do it, what I can.  I hope that I can do well on my TED TALK presentation. I have nothing much to say more about genius hour. I had lots of  fun doing this project.  I mad many mistakes and finally completed my genius hour. It was fun and 



            First when I made my recipe I thought if I add anything in the recipe it will make a nice dish. I tried to do that but my dish tasted terrible. I learned that you need to think what are you putting together to make a nice recipe. From now I am going to put that ingredient together that will go with each other. Not the one will make my recipe taste bad. The idea I gained is that before I cook them together I should mix it together and eat it and see how that taste does. I also learned that I should use healthy ingredients in my dish. What things are healthy for all the people?
                  For my final product I hope my dish will become like what I thought about it. I want my dish to be become perfect. I wish everyone like my dish what I made for them. If it didn't came out so well I will still try to make changes in my recipe. I already made 3 recipes and it didn't make a perfect dish. I am trying to make a new recipe again and I wish that it will come nice this time. 

I learned many things during research. While I was researching I learned nothing can be made by thinking. If you want to make something different then you should put all the ingredient that you like and no one have ever thought that this thing can go together in one dish. I think I can put any kind of dry ingredients in dough that makes different in taste.My biggest challenge was to think of a different recipe that no one have ever thought of. I am still working on that.

I improve my cooking skills. By doing this entire how to use knife, cutting, how to mix things together, and how to work with oil. I have a few questions about cooking. How do chefs think of recipes? How they make new recipes? How do they know how much stuff to put a recipe to make it right? I think it take month’s to make a one recipe.

Basic description:

In my career I want to be a police officer. Police officers have to work outside all the time, but they go to the police station to look for some criminal records. They have to become familiar to people in the area they work in. They need to go the place where the accident, fire, or someone is sick.  I am interested in this career because police officers have opportunity to do anything they want to do but it should be including to the laws. In this career I high school graduation, need five year of training and I also need a driver's license that is usually required. A firearms license can be obtained in on-the-job training. Most states also required law enforcement certification.  They also require first aid and CPR certification. High school graduation.

 Interested in this career:

I am interested in this career because I like to help people that I know or I don’t know. And that’s what all the police officers do, and it’s also suits me. I like to run and play sports. I am a athletic person. I want to do something for the country like the police officers do. I don’t like how the people are in the country. They kill each other. They do drugs. If they see an alone girl they start to do something bad with her. My wish is to help police officer to stop all this. Some bad people stole stuff from other people. I don’t want to be scared from all this and I don’t want anyone else to be sacred too.


My concerns about this career are that I can study near my house. This is career what can help me to do all the things that I want to do. I want to go farther in this career. Because this career is the career that you can help people and stop all that bad is happening in this country.

 Genius Hour Reflections

           I select this for cooking genius hour because I can cook some stuff at home but not too much. I just want to cook something different, that I have never cooked before or maybe no one has ever eaten before. I hope that I will be better in cooking as the time goes on in genius hours. I am researching for my recipe and learning new techniques about cooking. I thought I will cook something that looks like people have already eaten it. But my stuffing will be different of all. Whenever I am free I have nothing to do I always thing what should my new adventure in cooking could be. I always look at magazines for the recipes.

        I learned in these three days what you can do to make new recipes. How can you think that which ingredient goes with which ingredient.  I hope whatever I cook everyone like it and it would be the best recipe ever. Not only to know about the food is tasty. You need to know the food price , the color of the food and the most important thing the price of the food. I you are buying the can food or something else that is stored from a while you should always check the expire date.

While you are cooking the food in oil you need you be very careful. You need to have a safety in the kitchen before you begin to cook. After you are done cooking your dish need to have two important  thing  how the dish looks and how it taste. 


    Write something about yourself. No need to be fancy, just an overview.


    October 2013