Genius Hour Reflections

           I select this for cooking genius hour because I can cook some stuff at home but not too much. I just want to cook something different, that I have never cooked before or maybe no one has ever eaten before. I hope that I will be better in cooking as the time goes on in genius hours. I am researching for my recipe and learning new techniques about cooking. I thought I will cook something that looks like people have already eaten it. But my stuffing will be different of all. Whenever I am free I have nothing to do I always thing what should my new adventure in cooking could be. I always look at magazines for the recipes.

        I learned in these three days what you can do to make new recipes. How can you think that which ingredient goes with which ingredient.  I hope whatever I cook everyone like it and it would be the best recipe ever. Not only to know about the food is tasty. You need to know the food price , the color of the food and the most important thing the price of the food. I you are buying the can food or something else that is stored from a while you should always check the expire date.

While you are cooking the food in oil you need you be very careful. You need to have a safety in the kitchen before you begin to cook. After you are done cooking your dish need to have two important  thing  how the dish looks and how it taste. 


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    October 2013