First when I made my recipe I thought if I add anything in the recipe it will make a nice dish. I tried to do that but my dish tasted terrible. I learned that you need to think what are you putting together to make a nice recipe. From now I am going to put that ingredient together that will go with each other. Not the one will make my recipe taste bad. The idea I gained is that before I cook them together I should mix it together and eat it and see how that taste does. I also learned that I should use healthy ingredients in my dish. What things are healthy for all the people?
                  For my final product I hope my dish will become like what I thought about it. I want my dish to be become perfect. I wish everyone like my dish what I made for them. If it didn't came out so well I will still try to make changes in my recipe. I already made 3 recipes and it didn't make a perfect dish. I am trying to make a new recipe again and I wish that it will come nice this time. 


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    October 2013